Architectural Speaker Tuning System

                     In-ceiling SandTrap 
           installation specs & instructions

  In-ceiling SandTrap          

Each quartered hull =
6 in. wide x 9.5 in. long x 1 in. deep.

The inner-rim clamping surface =
I in. wide x 1/4 in. deep

Accommodates a typical 6.5" to 8" architectural in-ceiling speaker.

Sand-fill each quartered hull via the sand fill-hole.
Use clean dry sand. Avoid beach sand.

Trim a funnel to sit on the inner-ledge of the sand-fill hole.
This minimizes insertion depth which provides easier flow.

Recommended Funnel

PT Performance # W54275
Recommended funnel does not require any modification.

Available at local auto parts stores & amazon. 

Stand the SandTrap near vertical.
Then scoop and shake to fill a pair in about 10 minutes.
Seal hole with glue & supplied plug.

Insert each quartered sand-fillled hull through the custom speaker cut-out.
Use an adhesive such as poster putty to hold in place.
We recommend a stronger adhesive such as 3M Strip Calk for a steep vaulted ceiling installation.   
Insert and clamp the speaker to the SandTrap inner-clamp-rim. 

We have provided a "string hole" in each hull. 
Insert string or fishing line through the hole.
This allows the retrieval of a hull accidentally dropped in a vaulted ceiling.

In-ceiling Installation illustration

In-ceiling & In-wall custom installed speaker tuning system

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in-ceiling SandTrap
Architectural Speaker Tuning System

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