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The SandTrap 
Patented Architectural Speaker Tuning System

In-ceiling custom installed speaker tuning system          In-wall custom installed speaker tuning system      
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Reclaim the performance you paid for.

The SandTrap
The SandTrap is a sand-filled ABS plastic-framed birchwood-backed speaker sub-baffle.  Each baffle is quartered and shipped as empty hollow hulls.  Each hull is sand-filled with sand provided by the installer.  The ship-empty sand-filled on-site feature significantly reduces shipping cost, which permits the SandTrap's low price.

Easy Install
The four sand-filled hulls insert through the custom speaker cut-out and are held in place with an adhesive.  The custom speaker is then inserted and clamped to the inner-rim of the SandTrap sub-baffle.

More Mass/Weight Than MDF
Sand provides more mass & weight than the staple of speaker cabinet construction -- medium density fiberboard.  Sand increases empty SandTrap weight from about 1.25 lbs to a sand-filled 8 lbs.  We employ the increased mass & weight to re-tune speaker system resonance, minimize (paper/glue/chalk) drywall distortion, maximize audio fidelity.

The Measured Specs 

This graph exposes a vast distorting gap, with an average 10db loss from 600Hz to 1.5KHz, of a Paradigm P65-R in-ceiling speaker mounted in an infinite
baffle 2" x 4" 16" O.C.
(paper/chalk/glue) drywall enclosure.  Drywall paper, chalk, & glue destroys the heart of music and movie soundtracks.

   Before Custom Installed Speaker Tuning System

The following graph illustrates the result of the SandTrap reviving the previously cited Paradigm in-ceiling speaker.

The SandTrap -- measurably & demonstrably -- reversed the distorting effects of (paper/chalk/glue) drywall.

  After the custom installed speaker tuning system

Two SandTrap Versions
The SandTrap is available in an in-ceiling & in-wall version. 
Select their links to view product and installation specifications.

Installed in-ceiling SandTrap & speaker

SandTrap In-ceiling Installed

SandTrap Audio
Architectural Speaker Tuning System
Patent # 11,405,719

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In-ceiling & In-wall custom installed speaker tuning system

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